shalane wins 2nd in NYC marathon!

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It was pretty amazing to watch Mark’s cousin take 2nd in her first professional marathon….in New York no less!

Mark and I got up early and rode our bikes down to Bedford Ave near our place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  We saw her run by just before the Williamsburg bridge and promptly got on our bikes.  We rode over the bridge into Manhattan and up 1st Ave to the 50′s/60′s.  By the time we got there, Shalane had already ran through Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Queens, and across the Queensboro bridge.  We saw her about a quarter mile up the road when we got off our bikes.  I couldn’t believe she beat us!  Well, I was riding pretty slow, but still.

We then went into Central Park and saw her at mile 23 begin to move from 3rd to 2nd place.  All the while, Mark’s uncle was giving us updates on her status…..she ran a sub 5 min mile at mile 22!!  After the race we got together at the hotel and once Shalane made it back and relaxed a bit, she said she wasn’t really that tired….her legs were a little sore and that was it.  She’s pretty amazing!

Can’t wait to see her run in London in 2012!  We had soo much fun cheering, and Mark’s family is so super.   They made me feel like family.  Awesome day.

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