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I am forever a student and always, ALWAYS wanting to learn something new!  Well, I found something that I think is super and that you might like too….

A new postgraduate certification in typeface design.  The Type Directors Club teamed up with Cooper Union to put on this awesome continuing ed program.

Here’s why I’m into it….
Although the 10 week program cost $1700 for core classes, electives and guest lectures, the Cooper opens both Electives & Guest Lectures to the public….for FREE!  Did you hear me!?  You can essentially take 2/3 of the course for free (providing you have the time, and don’t mind missing out on peer discussions and critiques)!

Now, of course this is all based on “space permitting” and you have to sign up for the Electives through the Continuing Ed office, but DAMN!

Classes I wanna take:
Round Pegs in Square Holes: Developing Type for Screen-based Media 11/29/10
The Right Type … or Not. 2/7/11
Proportion 3/19/11 & 3/20/11
Sign Painting in Immigrant Communities in the USA 3/21/11
more info:  http://www.coopertype.org

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