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paper inspiration & books!

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Of all the things in life I desire, this is probably the most useless.  I got so excited seeing this grouping of random paper objects for sale on Present & Correct that I had to document it….if only so I don’t forget.  I am also inspired to make some simple books for my boyfriends nephew like the following:

  • a book about color (MN1-Colour Book)
  • a book with no color (Nella Notte Buia or The Black Book of Colors)
  • a pop up book (Popville)
  • a book about numbers or letters (ABC 3D)

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wrapping paper pad

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I have been wondering how to make my own wrapping paper for a long time.  Although this is not exactly what I want, it’s a genius idea that I plan to copy.  Each design is made into an A4 size pad of paper.  Just tear off a piece of paper as you need it….it’s perfect for small gifts or edible goodies, as 1 side is wax paper.  Genius!  And to boot, the site I found this on (Once Upon a Fold) is the site of my dreams….all things paper, folded, scored, pop-up and architectual.  Super cute.

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Type Directors Club + Cooper Union

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I am forever a student and always, ALWAYS wanting to learn something new!  Well, I found something that I think is super and that you might like too….

A new postgraduate certification in typeface design.  The Type Directors Club teamed up with Cooper Union to put on this awesome continuing ed program.

Here’s why I’m into it….
Although the 10 week program cost $1700 for core classes, electives and guest lectures, the Cooper opens both Electives & Guest Lectures to the public….for FREE!  Did you hear me!?  You can essentially take 2/3 of the course for free (providing you have the time, and don’t mind missing out on peer discussions and critiques)!

Now, of course this is all based on “space permitting” and you have to sign up for the Electives through the Continuing Ed office, but DAMN!

Classes I wanna take:
Round Pegs in Square Holes: Developing Type for Screen-based Media 11/29/10
The Right Type … or Not. 2/7/11
Proportion 3/19/11 & 3/20/11
Sign Painting in Immigrant Communities in the USA 3/21/11
more info:  http://www.coopertype.org

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Baker’s Twine

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I love baker’s twine.  I have no idea why, but it’s just simple and cute and I love it!  I wrapped all my packages at the Craft Sale this past weekend in brown craft paper and red/white baker’s twine.  It was festive and simple and lots of people complimented me on it.  So, I thought I would pass on the supplier that I purchased mine from…but I couldn’t remember the name, until I passed my neighborhood bakery this morning and noticed they were getting a delivery from the bakery supply that I purchased my twine from.

David Rosen Bakery Supply is the company I visited.  They are near the community art complex I love, 3rd Ward, in an warehouse district.  It’s a bit scary over there at night and I’m not sure if they sell retail or just made an exception in my case (since I stalked them).  In any case, you can also Google “Baker’s Twine” or find it on Amazon for about $20 for a giant roll, that will no doubt last me a good 5 years…if not more.

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new store!

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Last weekend I sold some goods at the Martha Stewart Employee Craft Sale.  It was super great meeting everyone from all over and seeing all the other amazing and creative work.  For those of you who were eager for more, I decided to open a lynnwashere Online Store and lynnwashere Etsy Shop.

The store is pretty empty right now, but feel free to contact me (lynn[at]lynnwashere[dot]com) for special requests or items on display this past weekend.  I will keep you posted as I fill the store.  Be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed to stay up to date on all things Lynn!

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random hacks of kindness

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This is so rad!  This past weekend programmers came together at (my Alma Mata) Parsons School for Design for a marathon coding event to develop applications and software to help aid in future disaster relief efforts.


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shalane wins 2nd in NYC marathon!

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It was pretty amazing to watch Mark’s cousin take 2nd in her first professional marathon….in New York no less!

Mark and I got up early and rode our bikes down to Bedford Ave near our place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  We saw her run by just before the Williamsburg bridge and promptly got on our bikes.  We rode over the bridge into Manhattan and up 1st Ave to the 50′s/60′s.  By the time we got there, Shalane had already ran through Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Queens, and across the Queensboro bridge.  We saw her about a quarter mile up the road when we got off our bikes.  I couldn’t believe she beat us!  Well, I was riding pretty slow, but still.

We then went into Central Park and saw her at mile 23 begin to move from 3rd to 2nd place.  All the while, Mark’s uncle was giving us updates on her status…..she ran a sub 5 min mile at mile 22!!  After the race we got together at the hotel and once Shalane made it back and relaxed a bit, she said she wasn’t really that tired….her legs were a little sore and that was it.  She’s pretty amazing!

Can’t wait to see her run in London in 2012!  We had soo much fun cheering, and Mark’s family is so super.   They made me feel like family.  Awesome day.

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Dutch Invertuals: medieval wood + modern design

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The design collective, Dutch Invertuals, reworked  600 year old oak into new forms in their latest exhibition.  Photos of the archeological site inspire me to see what I can dig up from the back of my closet and rework into something weird and new.  I especially like the wood/pencil/binder clip project.  I think they look like strange, foreign, robotic creatures out of a Tim Burton movie.

Check out the reworked oak project and more about the Dutch Invertuals

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coffee time

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Here’s how my time is clocked by my coffee cup.

coffee time

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web designer as cartographer (or in my case vice versa)

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I really love this idea of mapping the digital landscape that I read about in an article on A List Apart.

Websites are such abstract constructs, that unless you have a “key” or “legend” you wouldn’t know how it should be used.  But, this legend has yet to be set.  We are still learning how to best represent our abstract, digital concepts in a user-centered design framework.  As the web matures, patterns begin to rise and designers (or information architects) find better solutions to map the web in a more comprehensive manner. In essence, websites are maps to a “real” (digital) landscape.  It’s a great perspective to think about web design as creating a tool, a map, for others to use in order to gain access to the information they want.

The article also discusses mapping memory by using the resources of the user to help define and construct the collective memory, as depicted by each particular site.  This is obviously the shift the web has taken, as more people want to contribute to media (social, blog, etc).  I think it’s interesting to think of these sites as a collective memory….even if that memory is severely short term.  Maybe it’s time someone began documenting this memory.

*Check out WebArchive.org to see what your favorite website looked like 10 years ago!

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