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GHOST TRAIN @ Burningman

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**UPDATE**  Check out the OFFICIAL GHOST TRAIN SITE @ ghostTrain.info

Yup…it’s official! Mark Bruels, Erik Burke, and I have been invited to bring our digital graffiti project, GHOST TRAIN to Burning Man this year!

We are so pumped to bring this project to the more that 48,000 community members of Black Rock City in 2010. GHOST TRAIN is an interactive subway projection where participants use hacked spray paint cans to create art on the passing trains with light instead of paint. What better project for this years’ Burning Man theme of Metropolis? We made the prototype with Processing and now have to bring in the big dogs (AS3 / C++) for the heavy lifting. I can hardly wait to get crackin!

Keep an eye out for more information about the project!  We’ll post pictures during our development process.

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hot box

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collaboration with Erik Burke…..he’s a funny guy.

(screen print: Lynn, sketches: Erik)

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Ran Some, Ransom Game

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The Mission:
Discover the missing letters to solve the Ransom note and find the Hostage.  They’re counting on you!

The Game:
1. Pick up “The File” with special transparencies @ The Tank (354 W. 45th St)
2. Align the images with the buildings & signs in Times Square.  Find the missing letters in the circles
3. Use the Decoder to unscramble the clues to find the hostage
4. The clock is ticking!  Release the hostage in the fastest time to win!

More about the game here:

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Tread Erosion: images of MFA installation

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Pictures of Tread Erosion installed in the MFA exhibition (http://cdt.parsons.edu/show2009/)

image by Doris Yee

image by Claudio Midolo
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Mapping erosion levels

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Here’s a map of the space from the data gathered.
On the left is a map of numbers.  Each number relates to a pixel in the sculpture and correlates to the number of times that area was walked through.
On the right is a choropleth map showing levels of erosion in shades of grey (white = no erosion / black = highest erosion)

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Come Out & Play Game Festival!

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Our (Erik Burke, Carie Mae Kreyche, Lynn Maharas) game “Ran Some, Ransom” got accepted into the Come Out and Play Festival June 12-14 in NYC!

We are super excited to have people play our game and to see all the new fun games others are bringing to the City!  If you will be in NYC…..come join us and play our game!
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glorified butterfinger bar….

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i learned today that a clark bar is a less than awesome butterfinger.  you can lay a finger on my clark bar….no problem.

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Little Big Planet

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Over the weekend, Parsons hosted a gameJam where a ton of teams (120 people) worked for 24 hours to create new levels for the upcoming release of Sony’s Little Big Planet. I was on a team called “Pretty, Pretty Princesses” (aka P3 or Pcubed for short). We had 7 people on our team, but 3-4 who were dedicated enough to stay all day and night building the level (i was not one of them). But I did contribute by working on the conceptual idea of “washing machine” for our level theme. Our team won a $500 prize! WOO HOO! And will be featured in a Parsons World in the release of the game next month (h.a.i.t!?).

Special thanks to LeAnne for taking on the role of team manager and organizing the whole sha-bang and to Tu for his expert sketching, game mechanics and logo work.
Super duper thanks to Jessica, Umi, Akiko and Rabia who did the heavy lifting. Damn! Nice work ladies.

check out some pics and press from the event:
ugo games blog

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map stuff

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mercator vs peters map projections:



buckminster fuller dymaxion map:

psychogeography / situationists:
algorithmic psychogeography

buckminster fuller
park(ing) day



matt shlian

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Pedestrian Flows in Tokyo

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Here’s my view of pedestrian flows or “Ped-ows” in Tokyo and the beauty of the movement of the city.
I’m diggin patterns of movement created by people in crowded areas…..its so strange how they mimic behavior seen in nature like in the movement of fluids, gases and even flocks of birds or schools of fish. To me the patterns seen in the crosswalks in Tokyo resemble the effect of wind over fields of grasslands or meadows.

I give you Ped-ows.

The Pedows of Tokyo from Lynn WasHere on Vimeo.

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