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breakthrough(?): partial concept

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I just finished teaching a 3 week long intensive course (Bootcamp: Section E!) to incoming MFA students at Parsons Design & Technology. I was teaching the “code” section that introduces students to the Java programming language by using the developing environment called Processing. This program is used to teach code fundamentals to non-coders, visual designers and artists.

As many of my students will tell you……it’s still not easy. (Many had a similar response to the Orbit gum commercial….“What the french, toast!?” aka WTFT?)

So I started thinking…..how can we better teach code to others? And how can we teach code to adults and youth alike? And why don’t we do that now? How do we prepare school-aged youth for the computer – centric/ digital world we currently live in? Why don’t we better prepare students to use and manipulate digital tools?

I believe coding should be considered

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Synthetic Times – exhibition in Beijing

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I realized that I haven’t written a proper post about our project “1000 CELLPHONES” installed in Beijing earlier this summer. So, without further ado…..

Parsons participated in a great exhibition in Beijing this summer called “Synthetic Times” at the National Museum of China (NAMOC), curated by Zhang Ga. I was lucky enough to participate in the project called “1000 CELLPHONES” and travel to Beijing for the installation and exhibition along with 15 of my fellow classmates / faculty members for the month of June 2008.

The project used bluetooth activated computers to “spy” on other cellphone/bluetooth devices near the installation. The custom software then grabbed unique numbers and names associated with each device and displayed each on 4 hanging screens.

Visitors were also sent images of “American Culture” via bluetooth to their phone. The project aimed to create a fun interaction between the open networks of technology and the user by way of their “personal” devices. And to display the private data we transmit unknowingly to others.

While in Beijing I worked on getting 1000 images of “American culture”cell phone compatible (with Jia Zhang) as well as setting up the Drupal blog site for the project (with Cher Chen).

Check out some of the media published on the event:
Art Forum: Chinese Edition (google translation here)
VOGUE China: July issue (google translation here)
Synthetic Times: Press

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