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maya lin exhibition: systematic landscapes

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@ the henry art gallery Apr 22,2006–Sep 3,2006

i really love this piece by maya lin (blue lake pass).  she reorganizes a terrain from colorado into a geologic experience that is split into 3′x3′ sections.  it gives one a new sense of topography that I love.

i also find it to be a beautiful new approach to “the map”….taking the terrain into a 3D experience.

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architecture and media

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I sat in on a class today “Media & Architecture” and learned lots of great stuff!
As my project deals with our interaction with the built environment, I felt it only fitting to explore this idea further by learning what I can about media thoery and arch.

Turns out there are more than a few things I need to read, but here are a few that struck me today:

We watched this crazy film “PLAYTIME” that seemed to be a critique of Modern Architecture, by placing the film in Paris (yet it looked like any other modern city).  It was funny how the main character played with the “new” materials of modernism and was unfamiliar with how to interact with them.  I would be too, unless there was a standard created for how to interact with certain materials (i.e. plastic in place of upholstery).
- Sergei Eisenstein addresses how a space unfolds as you walk through it in “Montage and Architecture”.  On the surface, this to me sounds like a map you unfold as you move through space….learning about new terrain as you move forward.  It’s interesting to think of architecture as a guide or measure that directs your movements through space.  If architecture has a measure of movement then it can also measure time.  How can you create timing or rhythm in a built space, yet remain subtle in form?

- Giuliana Bruno addresses cartography in “Site-seeing: Architecture and Moving Image”.  She addresses the visual and social mappings of arch.

- also related is Mark Wigley’s “the Architectural Brain” that addresses networks in the use of architecture and design.


Check out the class blog here.

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