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paper inspiration & books!

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Of all the things in life I desire, this is probably the most useless.  I got so excited seeing this grouping of random paper objects for sale on Present & Correct that I had to document it….if only so I don’t forget.  I am also inspired to make some simple books for my boyfriends nephew like the following:

  • a book about color (MN1-Colour Book)
  • a book with no color (Nella Notte Buia or The Black Book of Colors)
  • a pop up book (Popville)
  • a book about numbers or letters (ABC 3D)

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more felt work!

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this was also in the Cooper Hewitt show…a chair by Ben Mickus using a variation of a relief map.

Next to it I found this great topo rug of new york by monika piatkowski

check out the exhibition if you are in new york or online if you can’t make it!

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Cooper Hewitt: fashioning felt

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this was a great show!  i really loved all the new approaches to design via felt.  i am inspired to use industrially fabricated felt in the future.


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sculptural books

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the thing i love most about brian dettmer‘s work is the variety of shapes and carvings he does.  his choice of books really appeal to me too because I grew up looking up words in a giant dictionary and maps in large almanacs like the one below. (shout out to Joana for the link!)

made from romance novels (above)

medical books

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cardboard landscapes

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Still wanting to do a sculptural element I started thinking what do i have access to that is cheap and bountiful?
i had 2 thoughts: printer paper ($300 worth at New School) and cardboard.
here’s some cardboard sculptural precedents that i find inspiring.

rip curl canyon by ball-nogues studio
* I found that they got help from a fabrication studio (Pylon Technical) to do the 3D renderings.  It looks like there might be a Ruby script add-on to Sketchup (su2stl.rb) that will create .stl (3D) output.

lipstick by Phoebe Washburn

untitled bronx by Phoebe Washburn

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