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tactile maps for the blind

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tactile map

Oriko has designed a tactile version of google maps for the blind called plan.b
I can’t really tell if this is a conceptual design or an actual prototype.  Either way, it’s pretty sweet.
Learn more about the plan.b map

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Mapping erosion levels

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Here’s a map of the space from the data gathered.
On the left is a map of numbers.  Each number relates to a pixel in the sculpture and correlates to the number of times that area was walked through.
On the right is a choropleth map showing levels of erosion in shades of grey (white = no erosion / black = highest erosion)

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map stuff

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mercator vs peters map projections:



buckminster fuller dymaxion map:

psychogeography / situationists:
algorithmic psychogeography

buckminster fuller
park(ing) day



matt shlian

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conflux festival

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I went to the Conflux Festival last week. I attended a few lectures and events and took a lot of notes! In reading about the history of the festival I learned of their connection to psychogeography and the Situationists. I’m doing more research now on the idea of “maps” as a whole and in finding a new ways to represent information while exploring what exactly a map really is!?

here’s my version of Matt Roberts‘ “Every Step” project from Conflux.

Every_Step from Lynn WasHere on Vimeo.

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Loopt, mobile mapping

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This seems interesting. It looks similar to the BOOST mobile “Where you at?” product that came out a year or so ago. Only this is an app that you can download to your phone (if you have a phone they support, of course).

Check it out!

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