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Tread Erosion: images of MFA installation

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Pictures of Tread Erosion installed in the MFA exhibition (http://cdt.parsons.edu/show2009/)

image by Doris Yee

image by Claudio Midolo
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Mapping erosion levels

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Here’s a map of the space from the data gathered.
On the left is a map of numbers.  Each number relates to a pixel in the sculpture and correlates to the number of times that area was walked through.
On the right is a choropleth map showing levels of erosion in shades of grey (white = no erosion / black = highest erosion)

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It’s here!
The Design & Technology MFA Thesis Exhibition!

Don’t miss it this weekend, May 2-3 @ 65 5th Ave 2nd Floor.
Check out more about it here: mfadt.parsons.edu
And more about my work here

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here’s some possible ideas for gathering input data and displaying output data for my thesis.
Basically, the participant changes the sculpture by walking on the tiled floor that responds as a button press and in turn adds height to the sculpture.  The floor is translated to the wall as a 3D surface.  I am thinking of using a natural material like wood.

Hallway with interactive floor tiles and moving wall.

Top view

Perspective View


Tile Below

Inter-tile wiring

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Little Big Planet

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Over the weekend, Parsons hosted a gameJam where a ton of teams (120 people) worked for 24 hours to create new levels for the upcoming release of Sony’s Little Big Planet. I was on a team called “Pretty, Pretty Princesses” (aka P3 or Pcubed for short). We had 7 people on our team, but 3-4 who were dedicated enough to stay all day and night building the level (i was not one of them). But I did contribute by working on the conceptual idea of “washing machine” for our level theme. Our team won a $500 prize! WOO HOO! And will be featured in a Parsons World in the release of the game next month (h.a.i.t!?).

Special thanks to LeAnne for taking on the role of team manager and organizing the whole sha-bang and to Tu for his expert sketching, game mechanics and logo work.
Super duper thanks to Jessica, Umi, Akiko and Rabia who did the heavy lifting. Damn! Nice work ladies.

check out some pics and press from the event:
ugo games blog

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potentiometer LED light

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Here’s a little video and pics of my light going from green to red to yellow!
simple and cute.

potentiometer LED light from Lynn WasHere on Vimeo.

LED_Light from Lynn WasHere on Vimeo.

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