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fold + read

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If you don’t know by now, i love paper….not just cut paper or origami, but folded, popup book paper.  And all things interesting created with paper.

Check out the new work of Isaac Salazar, as seen on TodayandTomorrow.net

It makes me wanna do something with all those dogeared books of mine….but I’ll probably just re-read those pages instead.

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paper inspiration & books!

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Of all the things in life I desire, this is probably the most useless.  I got so excited seeing this grouping of random paper objects for sale on Present & Correct that I had to document it….if only so I don’t forget.  I am also inspired to make some simple books for my boyfriends nephew like the following:

  • a book about color (MN1-Colour Book)
  • a book with no color (Nella Notte Buia or The Black Book of Colors)
  • a pop up book (Popville)
  • a book about numbers or letters (ABC 3D)

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