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Tread Erosion: images of MFA installation

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Pictures of Tread Erosion installed in the MFA exhibition (http://cdt.parsons.edu/show2009/)

image by Doris Yee

image by Claudio Midolo
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Mapping erosion levels

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Here’s a map of the space from the data gathered.
On the left is a map of numbers.  Each number relates to a pixel in the sculpture and correlates to the number of times that area was walked through.
On the right is a choropleth map showing levels of erosion in shades of grey (white = no erosion / black = highest erosion)

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Tread Erosion Exhibition

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Here’s some nice pics / video of the exhibition over the weekend.  Thanks to Claudio, Doris, Conway and all those who posted pics!
Also check out the flickr site and MFADT exhibition site too!

video by Claudio Midolo

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It’s here!
The Design & Technology MFA Thesis Exhibition!

Don’t miss it this weekend, May 2-3 @ 65 5th Ave 2nd Floor.
Check out more about it here: mfadt.parsons.edu
And more about my work here

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untitled: erosion

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here’s a test of the final version of my sculpture

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moca shanghai

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when i was in shanghai last summer there was a show at the moca i wanted to see.  unfortuneately i missed it by one day.  but the title left a lasting impression on me….

Night On Earth – Spatial Constructions and Time based Collisions

I thought it was a very evokative title and pertained to my interests concerning mapping of space and time and the intersection of the two.  I somehow stumbled upon this exhibition title again tonight on a random blog and got to thinking again.  I never saw the show, and there is little in terms of documentation on the web, but this idea still fascinates me.

This idea of where and how we (humans) interact within the spaces we create.  We often forget how small we really are within our networked lives on earth.  Yet we have profound influence on the people and the places we intersect, even if those visits are in terms of seconds.  Through the compression of these seconds new patterns emerge and reveal new realities.  This is the basis of my thesis.

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fall thesis presentation

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Here is a condensed version of my thesis presentation.

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Tread Erosion – how it works

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Tread Erosion is a project that explores peoples’ movement through the built environment and uses that movement to erode and sculpt a large object on display.  The final output will be a sculpture taken from the video analysis of people tracked through space for a given time.

Tread Erosions from Lynn WasHere on Vimeo.

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paper models

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here’s a few ideas I had about the output form of my project.  I tried to visulaize the motion via stop-motion-animation just as an idea of movement.  I really like the look of the creased paper and think it gives the wall a nice texture, but the red dot is just the effect of the straw I put it on….it’s not part of the look and feel.  In fact, both models are soley about the motion of movement NOT the look and feel.  I like the idea of a wall spontaneously moving but think there still remains a problem with resolution.  The resolution of the pattern I am interested in will not be revealed at this low of a resolution.

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keyboard hacks

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Ayah Bdeir (one of my algo animation instructors) just gave me the greatest idea…..instead of working on building lots and lots of tile buttons, I should hack a keyboard instead!  This is a great idea!  Why recreate the wheel, eh?  And the good news is there’s lots of documentation on the web about this kinda thing.

Good lookin out Ayah!

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